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Attila Lóránt is a many-time award-winning photographer, director, artistic director and founder of the Disappearing Cultures Foundation. He started his work as a photographer -author in 2002 when he began to document the visual culture of various ethnic groups within the framework of his foundation. Since then, he has published seven books and had over seventy exhibitions across Europe, North-America and Africa. In 2011, the programme series of the UN “International Year of Forests” was kicked off with his exhibition in New York. A number of his publications are available in many languages. He was the first Hungarian photographer whose book was published under the auspices of the National Geographic Society. In addition to his works as a photographer-author, he directs experimental films, commercials and video clips. He is founder and owner of one of the market-leader post-production companies, Post Edison Computer Graphics, where he handles all artistic direction as head of studio.

Books published by Attila:
  • East Africa – More Than a Safari, 2003 (Alexandra)

  •  American Indians along the Amazon & in the Andes,    2005 (National Geographic)

  •  Wapponi, 2007 (Kossuth Publishing House)

  •  Window in the Sky, 2008 (Explorer Publishing)

  •  Congo, 2009 (National Geographic)

  •  3X3 52 486 A Photographic Diary, 2012 (Disappearing  Cultures Foundation

  •  Man in the Landscape, 2017 (National Geographic)


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